Link Expired

discountplr alertYou have been transferred to this page from a thank you page due to missing or expired tokens. The thank you page is only valid for 24 hours.

Please refer to the email our system sent to you right after your purchase.

If you need to search your email account (ie, Gmail, Outlook, etc.), try this search term from “Discount PLR“. The subject line would be like “Thank you, your purchase & download info…”.

For digital downloads, you can use the form on this page. You MUST use the same email that made the purchase to retrieve your download link.

If you share your information your downloads will cease to work. The only way to reset the counter is re-purchase. Do not share your information and you will be fine, share and you lose…

Please note: If you use the form on this page to request data, it records the entered information and your IP. By using the form you automatically agree to the recording of this information. Your information is never shared with third parties unless law enforcement were to present a valid warrant.

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